Unit 8: Revolution and Nationalism in 20th Century

Revolution and Nationalism

After World War I many nations took advantage of the global instability and uncertainty and advocated for independence. Although independence was achieved through a variety of different methods, the end result of a new independent nation was similar. In Russia the world’s first communist nation was created as the result of multiple revolutions and a civil war. Revolutionary leaders like Lenin trumpeted the success of communism in Russia and sought to export his brand communism throughout the world. In China, Mao Zedong became a willing follower as he battled foreign and domestic forces to assert communist control over the vast and populous country. India, another densely populated and vast country, worked to gain independence in a manner unlike any before. India, under Gandhi’s leadership, sought to achieve independence through civil disobedience. Violent communist revolution, peaceful democratic revolution and nationalist revolts dramatically altered the world in the early twentieth century.

Key Themes

  • Communism
  • Civil Disobedience
  • Revolution


Unit 8 Notes