8-1: If you’re not Russian, you’re Stalin!

Soviet Flag

 Russian Revolution

Part 1 of 3: Examine the chart below on the cause and effects of the Russian Revolution. Then answer the questions that follow.

Russian Revolution Chart

  1. What role did World War I play in the Democratic February/March Revolution and the Communist October/November Revolution?
  2. Why were the effects of the March/February Revolution also causes of the Bolshevik Revolution?


Part 2 of 3: Examine the chart and reading below on the evolution of communist thought from Marx to Lenin. Then answer the question that follows.

Lenin vs  Marx

  1.  How did Lenin’s ideas about communism differ from those of Marx?


Part 3 of 3: Examine map below on the Russian Revolution and Civil War, then answer the questions that follow.

Russian Map

  1.  What extent of Bolshevik controlled territory in 1919? What do you notice about Bolshevik controlled territory?
  2. Which European countries had territory no longer within Russian boundaries because of the Treaty of Brest-Litovsk?