8-4: Oil that is, black gold, Texas Tea

House of Saud

Part1 of 2: Watch the PBS Frontline Film House of Saud Part 1 and the first 5 minutes of Part 2.

Part 2 of 2: Complete the viewing guide questions

  1. What was Saudi Arabia like 100 years ago?
  2. What did Abdul Aziz ibn Saud do in 1902?
  3. How did the desert help polarize the Ikhwan?
  4. Why did the Ikhwan rebel against Abdul Aziz ibn Saud?
  5. What impact did the fatwa have against the Ikhwan?
  6. How did the new King of Saudi Arabia unite all the provinces of his kingdom?
  7. Who is Mr. Crane? What was he looking for? What did he find?
  8. What is ARAMCO?
  9. What deal or pact did America strike with Saudi Arabia?
  10. What action did President Roosevelt tell King Abdul Aziz ibn Saud he would take (or not take) regarding the Jews in Palestine?