Public Speaking

Public Speaking



Welcome to Public Speaking. Below you will our major units of study along with useful links and resources to use throughout the semester.

Public Speaking 2

  • Unit 1: Online Communication
  • Unit 2: Debate
  • Unit 3: Storytelling
  • Unit 4: Evaluating a Speaker
  • Unit 5: Press Releases
  • Unit 6: Negotiation
  • Unit 7: TED Talk

Here you will find some useful links and forms for your final project.

Business Plan Electronic Form: Start Up Business Plan

Startup Expenses Worksheet: Startup Expenses Template (Excel Spreadsheet with math commands to do the adding and subtracting for yourself)

Assume a $50,000 base cost for license, insurance, legal, taxes and other standard fees.

Be sure to find costs associated with startup including:

  1. Office Space – usually a simple google search of office space for sale will help
  2. Improvements to that office space (if necessary) – Office Costs on Average Restaurant Remodeling
  3. Equipment and supplies to furnish the office space – Average Office Costs
  4. Communication and utilities: Internet and phone costs, electrical, water etc
  5. Inventory: How much money to prep the business
  6. Employee salary: How much will you pay your employees?
  7. Advertising: Signs, commercials, creating a website etc

These are only some of the things you must consider, the more you prepare the better your plan and presentation!