2-3: Consequences

Consequences of the Industrial Revolution

The Industrial Revolution saw the replacement of man power with machine power. Oftentimes the machines would result in the more efficient creation of consumer goods. These machines were not limited only to one sector of industry but instead encompassed a wide variety of fields. The positive consequences of the Industrial Revolution ranged from increasing world productivity to the growth of railroads.  Other positive consequences took time to materialize such as an improved quality of life, new opportunities for women and improved health and social regulations. However many historians believe that the impact of the Industrial Revolution on society, increasing the middle class and promoting upward social mobility,  were the most profound.


The inventions below helped fuel the Industrial Revolution and its consequences .Complete the chart by identifying the Inventor and Significance of the aforementioned invention.



Invention(s) Inventor Importance Date
Newcomen Engine      1712
 Flying Shuttle      1733
 Steam Engine      1763-1775
 Spinning Jenny      1764
Cotton gin and Interchangeable  parts 1793-1798
Textile mill 1813
Locomotive – Tom Thumb 1830
The Reaper 1832
Telegraph,Co-inventor of Morse Code 1835
Sewing machine 1845