11-4: NATO and the Warsaw Pact

Nato and Warsaw Pact MembersNATO and the Warsaw Pact

Examine the Map above and answer the questions that follow. Remember to look with an objective eye, put yourself in the shoes of the Americans, Soviets and non-aligned nations.

Secondary Source Document Questions:

  1. What is does this map show?
  2. What is going on in the world when these alliance systems were active?
  3. What are 2 facts that you have learned in class or on your own that you can connect to this document?
  4. How can this document support the US policy of Containment?
  5. How can this document support the USSR’s belief in a “buffer zone” of friendly nations between it and potential enemies?
  6. How does this primary source contribute to our understanding of the time frame and/or history?
  7. Look at the cartoon below. How does this relate to American and Soviet perceptions in the map above?

nato assignment