3-8: Society Reflecting Music Reflecting Society



Part 1 of 2: Select a piece of music by clicking one of the links below and listen to it, in its entirety. Pay careful attention to the emotions it brings forth, instruments used, tempo etc.

Rossini: The William Tell Overture (especially from 8:45 on)

Liszt: Liebestraum 

Chopin: Nocturne

Wagner: Flight of the Valkyries

Brahms: Symphony No. 4; Movement 4



Part 2 of 2: After listening one of the songs, in its entirety, answer the analysis questions below.

    • What is the title of this song? Does it have a subtitle?
    • Who is the author? Are there references or connections to any musicians associated with this piece of music? Is there a story associated with this song?
    • Play or listen to the melody. Is it familiar? Does it remind you of any other melodies? Would you describe it as simple or complex?
    • Does the music evoke an emotional reaction? For example, does it produce a happy, sad, menacing, romantic, patriotic, or dramatic mood?
    • Are there divisions of the song, such as verses and a chorus, where the melody changes? Describe any differences. Is one part more memorable? How and why?
    • What instruments or voices is the music written for?
    • Name three ways you might learn what they are?
    • What is the historical context of this song? (what was going on when and where it was written)
    • What do you think is the author’s purpose in writing this piece of music?
    • In one word, describe the theme of this song. In 25 words or less, do the same.



Part 1 of 2: Click one of the links below and listen to the song in its entirety.


Orlando Gibbons: Fantasy in C major

Pierre de la Rue: Mijn hert altijt heeft verlanghen

William Byrd: Mass for Five Voices

Johann Sebastian Bach: Cello Suite No. 1 in G Major


Part 2 of 2: Create a T Chart  or list comparing a song from the first portion of the homework to song you listened to for the enrichment set. Please include the title and composer of both songs with 5 points of emphasis or difference between the two selections of music.