Homework Policy

In this course homework will be assigned on a regular basis to assist in student understanding of content, to reinforce class themes and skills and to encourage accountability and responsibility. To that end every homework assignment is available for every unit at anytime. Students will be required to turn in the homework for the assigned by the completion of the unit. However they are encouraged to turn in the assignments as they complete them.

The homework can be handed in as a hard copy or can be emailed to jwiggin@braintreema.gov as a PowerPoint presentation or word document. The homework assignment(s) must be handed in no later than the day before a test for the unit. This date will be published at the beginning of the unit and students will be reminded of it periodically throughout the course. No late homework or portfolios will be accepted. If a student is absent the day the homework is due the expectation is that it should be email to jwiggin@braintreema.gov by the end the day (11:59PM).

During the initial units a suggested timeline will be discussed with students reminded as to what assignment they should work on that night. However it is the student’s responsibility to do the homework and complete it to the best of their ability. The Portfolio will be graded via the rubric below.

Categories  Excellent

5-6 points


3-4 points

Needs Improvement

1-2 points

Student Scores
Completeness All homework components are completed and each one is completed in its entirety. Most of the homework assignment is turned in but it is missing portions. Assignment ispassed in with significant portions missing
Accuracy No more than two factual inaccuracies are contained within the homework 3-5 factual inaccuracies are contained within the homework 6 or more inaccuracies are contained within the homework
Presentation The homework is neat, legible, and ordered in the appropriate fashion with name and titles for each assignment. The homework is mostly neat and orderly. Most assignments are titled and numbered. The portfolio is messy and/or illegible. Assignment is in no sensible order and missing titles and or names.
Critical Thinking Assignment shows considerable critical thinking skills that demonstrate mastery of the content and skills. Assignment shows some Critical Thinking that show mastery of skills and content over a majority of the unit. Assignment shows little to no Critical Thinking and student has not shown mastery over content or skills.
Overall Score: /24


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