5-3: Imperialism in the Middle East

Imperialism in the Middle East

Part 1 of 1: Watch the following video on Imperialism in Africa, Asia and the Middle East, then answer the following questions.


Crash Course Imperialism Questions:

  1. What goods did the British entice the Chinese to buy despite the Chinese not having any need for British made goods?
  2. Was the Treaty of Nanjing favorable to China? What were the terms?
  3. Why was Europe able to project its power and influence into Africa during the 19th century?
  4. What does “C” Stand for?
  5. What natural resources were taken from colonies and used to fuel the Industrial Revolution?
  6. What “made the difference” for Europeans to finally colonize the interior of Africa?
  7. What is “rule through and by the natives”?
  8. Who are the Maori?
  9. How was Egypt conquered by the British?
  10. What role did the Suez Canal play in the British takeover of Egypt?