5-2: Types of Imperialism

types of imperialism

Assignment 5-2: Types of Imperialism


Part 1 of 2:  Look over the charts below on the different types of imperialism.


Forms of Imperialism



Management Methods


Part 2 of 2: Answer the following questions relating to the charts above.


Chart 1:

  1. Which forms of imperialism are guided by interests in business or trade? (There should be 2!)
  2. What is the difference between a protectorate and a colony?

Chart 2:

  1. In which management method are the people less empowered to rule themselves? Explain.
  2. In what ways are the two management methods different?



Enrichment Set:

Part 1 of 1: Carefully reflect upon the charts above and then complete the following questions.

  1. Why would an Imperializing power prefer a sphere of influence or economic imperialism over a colony or protectorate?
  2. What form of imperialism would be best to rule over people who are resisting imperialism?
  3. Economic Imperialism is the dominant form of Imperialism in the world today. Find 3 examples of a business or company that is able to manipulate a sovereign country, state or town. Include the business, the state and an explanation.