1-8: The Corsican Corporal


Assignment 8: The Corsican Corporal

Part 1 of 2: Watch the 30 minute documentary on Napoleon’s rise to power from a poor corporal in the French Army to the leader of France. Video is found here  or at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WjDFkYH5jUM


Part 2 of 2: While watching the film complete or upon its conclusion complete the guided questions found below.

  1.  How does Napoleon feel about the revolution? Why?
  2. What French port city did Napoleon report to to ensure the city did not fall into British hands?
  3. What was the result of Napoleon’s attack on the city in question number 2?
  4. In three months Napoleon had gone from what rank to Brigadier General?
  5. How did Napoleon defeat the Paris mob that tried to overthrow the Government?
  6. How old was Napoleon when he became General of the Interior?
  7. Finish this sentence stated by one of Napoleon’s Generals: “I don’t know why, but….”
  8. After defeating the Piedmontese in Northern Italy, Napoleon frequently letters to Josephine. Who is Josephine?
  9. What happened at the Italian town of Lodi?
  10. After Napoleon defeated the Austrians, where was his next expedition headed?
  11. What were some changes Napoleon made to France during the brief time of peace under his rule?