1-7: Thermidor

The Month of Thermidor

Part 1 of 2: Review the brief outline on the Thermidorian Reaction

The Thermidorian Reaction and the Directory

The era following the execution of Robespierre was known as the Thermidorian Reaction. Beginning in the newly created month of Thermidor it was a period of governmental restructuring and lead to the new Constitution of 1795 and a significantly more conservative National Convention. The Thermidorian reaction put an end to the daily executions, (except for retribution killings against the Reign of terror officials)  and allowed for more individual and religious liberty. The Thermidorian Reaction also saw changes to the economic system of France laying the groundwork for inflation in the years to come. To control executive responsibilities and appointments, a group known as the Directory was formed. Though it had no legislative abilities, the Directory’s abuse of power soon came to rival that of any of the tyrannous revolutionaries France had faced.

Part 2 of 2:

Create a Political Cartoon demonstrating your understanding of the French Revolution to this point. Your political cartoon will not be graded on artistic ability but should clearly convey an event, your perspective or attitude towards it and make use of symbols.  It should also have a title.  Some suggested topics are…

  • The unfair taxation system in France prior to the French Revolution
  • The storming of the Bastille
  • The creation of the National Assembly and or Declaration of Rights of Man and the Citizen
  • The Bread Riot
  • The massacre of the royal guards and the King fleeing France
  • The Reign of Terror and or Maximilien Robespierre’s execution
  • The Thermidorian reaction