Welcome Back

Welcome Back! This website will provide you with all the information you need to succeed in history this year.

CLASSROOM EXPECTATIONS: Be on time, be on task and put your best effort forward. It’s that simple.

CLASSROOM NEEDS: 3 ring binder, some loose leaf paper and a pen is all you need. If you plan on bringing your own device paper will not be necessary.

HOMEWORK: The homework for each unit will be due at midnight two days before the unit test. Students can complete the homework as late or as early as they would like to assist them in their historical skills, understanding of content or writing.  All homework can be submitted through the website or can be turned in via typed hard copy.

WIRELESS ENVIRONMENT: Students will be involved with online learning during the class from time to time via the classroom website, google classroom and Socrative among others. Students wishing to get ahead of the curve can download the Socrative app and be ready to go come September!